Soup for Teachers is a grassroots community support organization focused on, but not affiliated with, Seattle Public Schools. Soup for Teachers builds community among educators, families, and schools throughout the Seattle Public School system as they advocate for positive change across the district. We encourage collaboration and foster connections to strengthen our schools, our communities, and our city.

How we got started

During the upheaval surrounding the 2015 Seattle Education Association strike, Soup for Teachers became the hub where the existing energy and support of parents and concerned citizens throughout Seattle galvanized to coordinate assistance and soup (and other food!) to our educators on the picket lines. Acting in solidarity, people reached beyond their neighborhood schools and traveled all over the district to ensure that in-person support was present at every one of our 98 schools.

At the strike’s end, we had a community that spanned the city, dedicated to staying together to work for the greater good in our school system. By combining our resources, knowledge, relationships, energy, and time, we have a network of support as we respond to the challenges that our district, and public education in general, currently faces.

How we are organized

Soup for Teachers has a Facebook group of over 3000 parents, educators, and community members who utilize our online spaces to highlight concerns at their particular schools, organize in response to current events in our district, and discuss public education in Seattle. Through this virtual community, we build real cross-district relationships to work for positive outcomes for ALL school communities.

Soup for Teachers Steering Committee

  • Rebecca (Reba Jean) Brito - Parent in NE Seattle
  • Astacia Carter - Parent in West Seattle
  • Megan Larkin - Parent in NW Seattle
  • Terri Lovins - Parent in South Seattle
  • Liza Rankin - Parent in NE Seattle, Committee Chair

Soup for Teachers. 98 Schools. 1 District. Community and Support for All.